High End Assembled Servers, Branded Laptops & Computers, Computer Parts, Networking, Genuine Softwares, Gaming and Accessories

Why Choose Us?

To build trust and create a personal connection with customers. A prospective customer knows about us and more likely they  purchase from our store. Our store is the best place to purchase electronic goods. We highlight electronics that make your needs satisfied and stand unique. Are your items made genuine? Sourced from National Distributors?, can they be customized? This is the place to select great products and be safe. We leave a memorable impression that makes you want to tell families and friends about us and come back for more. Let them know us here!

About Us

We started our Company in 2011 and we created this business to choose right products to customers depending on their need. Our passion, hobby has always been into electronics. We are equipped and special, trained that make us an expert in this field? We Show our customers that there are real people working behind the scenes. Helping customers feel connected and our purpose is to establish trust in our brand.


Offline Location:

4/D5 Ramakrishna Puram Street1, Cut opp to Bharat Petroleum, Coimbatore 641001


212 East Ramalingam Road, RS Puram, Coimbatore 641002